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21 April 2006 @ 10:15 pm
3 Weeks, 3 Years.  
3 weeks until graduation. Thats insane. I'm so insanely excited about it, I can't even explain it in words. I cant even tell you how much I have changed as a person in my 3 years at Schenectady. The people Ive been friends with, the people Ive stopped being friends with, the people I dated, the things I did, the things I regret. I almost changed my major in that second year that was kind of my year off. I didnt really know what I'd change it to. I think it was going to be theatre. But then I changed my mind yet again and stuck with music as always. I love music so much, its such a huge part of my life, I cant even explain it. I cant wait for next year and to move on. Im entirely done with SCCC.

Theres so much insane childish drama and insanity going on at SCCC. People are freaking out over the dumbest situations and people are wigging out about school and everything. I cant STAND it. For people who say they dont like drama or immaturity, you cause alot of it. Most people just need to get over themselves. You people are fucking crazy. I really think some people need to take a step back and really look at what theyre freaking out over. Granted, theres always a situation where a person has every right to freak out. But in most cases, its just mere childish stupidity.

Speaking of being a child, Im so happy I have figured out what Im doing for the future and that Im on track to accomplish it. Some people have no idea what theyre doing in the fall whatsoever. Not only do they not know, some refuse to take any logical suggestions from their friends, and if they bitch next year that they are unhappy, I will personally slap them several times.

I really like where I am in my life. I couldnt be happier. Well maybe I could, but for once, I really think I am honest-to-god happy with who I am and where Im at with things. I know EXACTLY what Im doing in the fall and Im excited for it, I know what Im doing with my life thereafter. Im really happy with where I am as a musician, Ive receievd amazing comments from some of my professors, Im doing well in theory for once and completely kicking ass in MCE. My social life could be a little better, but its not nearly as dramatic as it once was, my friends are truly amazing and I love them to death and I will do anything for them. You know who you are. I never need to talk about my closest friends in blogs because they know how I feel about them and they know how much they mean to me, I dont need to plaster it in specifics over livejournal to belittle other people. I love you guys, and you know who you are. My Winterguard program is finally taking off and really expanding into an amazing program, Im so thrilled to be contributing to the arts community in Fonda, theres been so much interest in band and guard, it makes me happy to see that these kids are getting a better education than I am and they have these great experiences available to them and I can say that I have contributed in some way, shape or form. Its an amazing feeling.
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lost_n_hurtlost_n_hurt on April 28th, 2006 11:21 am (UTC)
1.) i m gunna still c u whether u like it or not
2.) im worried about juries does that make me a drama queen (putting aside the fact that ima soprano)