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15 May 2006 @ 10:52 am
Finals Week & Final Week  
A nice play on words. Haha... So its finals week. This means I am almost completely done with SCCC. Its so close I can taste it. I can not wait to be done with that place. No one can even come close to understanding. The people I go to school with are beyond disgusting. Everything was going fine, and I really thought we were all going to leave on a good note until massive amounts of drama started to happen. I swear to god everyone has slept with everyone or bad mouthed everyoned or just started being stupid in the last two weeks. Stupid in the sense more so than throughout the entire year. Its so disgusting! And whats worse, everyone only talks about themselves and their issues and most importantly themselves and did I also mention they only talk about themselves? I honestly think a nuclear bomb could have gone off in my back yard and my entire neighborhood could have died except for me and people would still come and do nothing but constantly bitch about them selves or talk about how great they are or how theyre in love or who theyre sleeping with. Now, dont think Im a bad listener, I love hearing about other peoples lives. But when thats all I hear about non stop, it gets annoying. Its moreso annoying when I dont believe I talked about myself or my life to other people in a good month and a half, and even if I wanted to, I dont know even where to begin since I forgot how to discuss my own life to other people. Its so fucking frustrating! You people are disgusting! Im supposed to call you my friends?! Newsflash! Youre not! Its so frustrating, most of my friends seem to care less about my life or whats going on, or where IM performing or what IM doing or doing something for ME. Aaaaaaah! Friendship is a two way street. Not a crammed dead end alley inwhich Im stuck at the DEAD end. Bottom line: Get your head out of your own ass and get over whatever the fuck has been going on, stop sleeping around with everyone, stop thinking youre the greatest thing since jesus, stop macking it to yourboyfriend nonstop, and realize there are other people in thise world other than you. By the way, this whole angered venting is me SOBER and this entry applies to alot of people. One last question. Do you realize these may be the last times you ever see me again? Yeah, you most likely dont care. Me not being around just means one less person to talk to about yourself, right?

Moving on...I just took my TheoryIV Final. It was alright. I dont have to come in for my Aural Skills final tomorrow which is amazing. And I only have 3 finals and a jury left. One final being percussion techniques today. Theory was the hardest out of all my finals so its clear sailing from here on out. Im so happy that its all almost over. It was going to be bittersweet. But then people had to ruin our last few weeks together. I JUST finished my jury sheet. I really don't care since Ive taken Performance Concentration IV and got an A, and Im just taking it for the performing experience. My Winterguard DVD came in the mail this weekend. With everything going on lately, it just made me sad to think it was another reminder that my socalled friends showed no interest in my life whatsoever being that only Julie & Leslie saw my guard once at Mohon in January, and Sam and Stella saw my guard in Johnstownm, and of course Manda & Joe saw it since theyre involved with guard. God most of my friends are assholes. On that note, I need to run errands and take my percussion techniques final.

4 More Days....
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lost_n_hurtlost_n_hurt on May 15th, 2006 06:17 pm (UTC)
hey, i luv u and u BETTER C ME NEXT YR

luv ya cuz......
Annaananasrose on May 15th, 2006 06:55 pm (UTC)
hey now!!! i made you a pretty bracelet and you said nothing about it :(

p.s. i'm your friend and we don't discuss lots of drama ... you could talk to me if you wanted to :)
Joshualastcrusaderx99 on May 15th, 2006 09:19 pm (UTC)
PS - And then Anna made me an amazing bracelet and I wasnt talking about her in the entry above, I was talking about the rest of you :) Or Jess. kthx.
jesabelda on May 15th, 2006 10:23 pm (UTC)
I love you Josh, and next semester you will be at St Rose :-)