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03 April 2006 @ 09:38 am
What a week. Thats all I have to say. We'll just start with the bad and get it over with quick. Basically, I let myself get completely hurt this week by someone. There is this friend of mine that I had started to get close to and really have honest-to-god feelings for. They had recently told me that they werent really over their last situation and couldn't see themselves developing feelings for anyone else right now, which sucked, but c'est la vie I guess. But then less than a week later they had something in their bulletin about meeting this new guy and how amazing he is and all this gushy stuff about how what an amazing time they had together, etc etc...And then theres pics of them kissing this new person...or what I think is the new person in their myspace. The worst part is that they gushed about this person right in front of me and then gushed over a friend of mine, right in front of me...and they didnt understand why I was so upset. I was so angry, I was so angry I had let myself fall for this person because if I hadnt, then I wouldnt have felt completely and totally heartbroken when this had all taken place....pathetic, right? (Un?)fortunately this is all over i suppose...I really dont think the person in this topic really cares if we never speak again. And to this person directly? Please do not post to this LJ entry.

Friday morning I observed at Knox Junior High School, I saw Mella in a percussion lesson, talk about random. Also, about 4 kids asked me,"Arent you the Fonda Guard Director?". So I FINALLY got to watch RENT friday night with the two best people on earth, Sammy & Stella. After getting Market St Pizza and seeing half of Johnstown HS behind the counter at Market St, we went back to watch Rent. Every other sentence out of Sam's mouth was "OH MY GOD THIS ONES MY FAVORITE." or "JOSH, YOU ARE MARK!." kthx. haha. Then we decided to watch, what Sam insisted on calling "The Glenn Gary Show". I do not think I can really put this television program into words, so I will post pictures later on about what it was. You'll see.

Saturday was fun until certain drama between a friend of mine and her ex-boyfriend. I would elaborate but the only people who need to know whats going on, already know.

Minus the very first situation, I really did have a great week. The weather was AMAZING, to say the very least. I wore flip-flops at the slightest hint of warm weather and I loved it. haha...

"Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn,
Take me baby,Or leave me"
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